Free TikTok Followers Is Still Working in 2024! How?

What Happened To Free TikTok Followers

If you’re someone who used to use to get free followers, likes, and views on TikTok, you might be curious about why the website isn’t around anymore. Well, let me explain what happened and whether it still works or if it’s gone for good. Even if you’re not familiar with Ketuy, don’t worry. Just stick around, and I guarantee you’ll boost your TikTok followers anyway. That’s my promise to you.

What is

What Happened To Free TikTok Followers was once the talk of the internet. It was famous for its unique service of giving away free TikTok followers every 10 minutes without requiring users to disclose their TikTok credentials. Even now, many people still try to find it because of its reliable services.

Does Ketuy Still Work?

Even though is no longer around, I have some good news to share. It’s still up and running on the internet but under a new name. They’ve switched from Ketuy to Zefoy. However, the decision to change names, despite its previous fame, remains unknown.

How to Use Ketuy in 2024 and Beyond?

Now that you know Ketuy is still working but with a new name, here’s how you can access Zefoy – the updated version of Ketuy.

  1. Simply go to, and it will automatically redirect you to the Zefoy website.
  2. You can also visit the Zefoy website directly from the button below.

Use Ketuy Now

If you already know how to use Ketuy, now called Zefoy, then just go to the Zefoy site and follow the same steps as you did with to gain followers. If you’re not familiar, you can easily learn from the article “Zefoy – Get Unlimited Free TikTok Followers.” The steps are simple and will only take a minute to start gaining followers.

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